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Architects, Building owners, Consultants, and Engineers save your time and money with our expertise. 

Reduce your cost, energy bills, and carbon emissions 

Energy models have never been so
affordable and accurate.

Commercial & High-rise Modeling

For modeling high-rise and commercial buildings, Archenergy uses eQuest software. This program is based on the ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G modeling criteria. This standard is intended to examine the performance of various building kinds beyond the constraints of the code.
The ASHRAE 90.1 energy standard requires that all new or existing building systems be compared against a minimal baseline. While we use Energy Model Simulation Guidelines for standard assumptions to ensure accurate normative compliance, we're constantly improving each model by developing our codes and scripts, getting input from the site on constructability, cost-effectiveness, energy performance, and durability to ensure the most accurate energy models possible.


This model provides design optimization of the min code requirements. The model allows reviewing the cost-effectiveness and energy use reduction of total building performance as well as each system separately. Systems and loads which will be included in determining the overall building performance are local climates, building envelope, building orientation, and shading, heating systems, cooling systems, service water heating, fan systems, lighting power, receptacle loads, and process loads. The following topics are covered:

This modeling is necessary for a number of programs, including:

  1. Energy Star Multifamily High-Rise

  2. LEED for Homes Multifamily Mid-Rise

  3. LEED for New Construction

Residential  Modeling

Archenergy creates residential energy models using REM Rate software. This program may be used to create models of single-family homes as well as low-rise multifamily constructions. The models are produced utilizing architectural designs and specifications that have been proposed or as-built.


We can derive the following information from this model:


  1. Generate home energy ratings in accordance with RESNET(Residential Energy Services Network) Standards

  2. Loads, consumptions, and costs of energy

  3. Mechanical equipment sizing for heating and cooling

  4. Mortgage report on energy efficiency

  5. Compliance with energy codes (ASHRAE and IECC)

  6. Analysis of existing home utility bills

  7. Existing house improvement evaluation

  8. New house design optimization

  9. Analysis of Energy Star Homes

  10. EPACT tax credit certification


Why Archenergy?

170+ years of combined experience



No change orders

We are a group of highly skilled specialists (five Ph.D. and 11 master ' s degree in building science) dedicated to promoting energy efficiency in the building industry.

To achieve the best results, we use eQUEST, THERM, WUFI PASSIVE, WUFI PRO, EnergyPlus, and the LCCA Tools. However, we enhance each model further by writing own codes and scripts.

With us, you can predict your budget precisely, as we avoid change orders. Yes, we 'll revise unlimited times until model reaches it' s highest performance.

Energy codes we support 

We support ASHRAE, IECC, PHIUS, LEED, NGBS, HERS and local standards

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We turn your paint point into tangible profit and advantage.

If you're an architect or designer

With our expertise you can add value to your clients and save your time by recommending project cost reduction.

If you're a consultant


You can boost your revenue by adding our expertise to your services and taking on new and more projects.

If you're a developer


Profits of  hundreds of thousands of dollars can be realized by selecting the most cost-effective and high-performance component packages while meeting energy regulations and tenant expectations.

If you're a MEP engineer


You can offer options to your clients that reduce energy, cost, payback, and carbon emissions.

Still question why use Energy Models?

The question isn't "why use energy modeling during the design phase?" Why wouldn't you, one might ask?

Building energy codes are becoming increasingly strict. 1,000+ buildings have already used our energy models successfully during the design phase, and it helped save up to 4% on the project. Existing buildings that are being renovated can also easily benefit from energy modeling.

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"How much will it cost?" isn't the question. What will it cost you if you don't?, is the question!

Historically, the costs associated with Energy Modeling were significant. However, until lately, we were able to make it affordable. According to a study conducted, the ROI from energy modeling is often less than one  month.

Get free estimate for the energy models  right now!

Building energy codes are becoming increasingly strict. Stay complied, reduce building costs and carbon emissions.

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