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If you operate in the real estate industry in New York City, you've definitely heard about LL97.

The legislation establishes emission limitations on buildings larger than 25,000 square feet, with a penalty of $268 for each metric ton of CO2 equivalent exceeding the limit. The first emissions report is expected on May 1, 2025, and LL97/2019 goes into effect in 2024. This implies that you must have a compliant building by the end of 2023 in order to escape the looming fines. You'll need an official design and construction permit from the NYC Department of Buildings, just like any other project, even if you're already paying fines for missing the deadline!

Building owners that moved fast to satisfy the LL97/2019 pollution restrictions will reap several rewards. As the deadline approaches, engineering services and skilled labor will be in increasing demand, and a labor shortage is expected. Consider that the NYC Department of Buildings will be dealing with a significant number of construction permits, which may cause building retrofits to be delayed.

Get a professional energy modeling ASAP, design your building retrofit and claim all energy incentives available.

Profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars can be gained by using Energy Modeling to choose the most cost-effective and high-performance component packages. Energy simulation, often known as modeling, is one of the most powerful building design techniques ever developed. It is utilized to comply with energy codes, earn LEED points, and report tax credits, but it is most effective when applied strategically to improve building performance. This is achieved by modeling all building components and conditions to determine where the greatest energy savings may be found. The model examines the performance of the "whole-building."

We can optimize your energy savings list to fulfill the NYC LL97 minimum standards for the period you pick in the most cost-effective way possible.

If you're an Architect or a Sustainability professional you may leverage our expertise instead of making prescriptive assertions. Archenergy will help you recommend cost-cutting measures, and add value to your clients while saving your time.

If you are an operator or owner, Archenergy will provide you with an energy model from which you can profit hundreds of thousands of dollars by selecting the most cost-effective and high-performance component packages.

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