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Energy Modeling for MEP 

Our team of energy model experts can take care of all your ASHRAE, LEED or Passive energy models.

With experience delivering over 1500 models, we can take the energy modeling off your plate completely.

Archenergy provides MEPs with cost-effective Energy Code compliance support. With our expertise, you will be able to give better service to your clients and do more profits. We'll help you generate a new income stream. The only risk of not doing it is losing competition to MEP teams that are currently doing it.

The demands for operating cost savings and climate change continue to mount across the United States. The organizations and institutions with whom we collaborate are looking for ways to cut energy expenses while also improving their environmental effect. They are looking for ways inside their facilities in order to achieve these goals in the most essential and cost-effective way possible.

MEP systems are frequently the initial target in these efforts, whether with new construction or retrofits. This makes it logical given that the HVAC and lighting systems consume a considerable part of a building's energy. To achieve substantial energy savings, however, as building rules grow more severe and sustainability goals become more aggressive, a more innovative, comprehensive, and collaborative strategy is necessary.

We provide such models to MEP engineers so they may bring value to their clients. 


We provide you with several options where buildings can save significant amounts of energy, whether it is the requirement for Cost-effective code compliance, Green certification compliance, or Effective equipment selection.

Why Archenergy?

We mastered the understanding of ASHRAE and other standards through designing 1,000+ projects. We're using  Energy Model Simulation Guidelines for typical assumptions for accurate normative compliance and we're constantly having feedbacks from the site to validate constructability,  cost effectiveness, energy performance, durability

Cost-effective service with no change orders

With us, you can predict your budget precisely and yet stay under budget.  We also avoid change orders. Yes, we'll revise unlimited times until model reaches it's highest performance.

176+ years of combined experience

We are a group of highly skilled specialists (five Ph.D. and 11 master's degree in building science) dedicated to promoting energy efficiency in the building industry.

State-of-the-art tools

To achieve the best results, we use eQUEST, THERM, WUFI PASSIVE, WUFI PRO, ENERGY+, and the LCCA Tools. However, we enhance each model further by writing our own codes and scripts.

Ready to boost your revenue stream?

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