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We offer WSEC reports to homeowners, architects, and contractors.

Archenergy offers Energy Code Compliance forms calculation to homeowners, architects, and developers throughout the United States.  The legal obligation to comply with the energy code rests squarely on the undertakes remodeling or constructing buildings. While the builder may ultimately carry responsibility for code compliance, many subcontractors and trades play critical roles in ensuring compliance with the energy code.


We can assist you in ensuring that your new project whether a residential or commercial project is designed and built in accordance with the energy code, allowing you to save important time and money post-construction.

Is your building compliant with federal and state energy codes?

US Energy codes and regulations are constantly changing. When building or remodeling  a home, it is important to have a energy forms calculations performed to ensure it is compliant with current energy standards.

What we'll need to perform your energy code compliance calculations 

  • Project address

  • Floor plans

  • Window and door schedules 

  • Exterior elevation views

  • House orientation (north arrow)

We'll manage the energy code compliance forms  so you can concentrate on your project!

​RESchecks, regardless of jurisdiction, are known for being complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming. If the energy calculation is incorrect, your local building department will reject it, causing a significant delay in obtaining your building permit. With over 20 years of cumulative achievement in the field of energy code compliance we promise that your REScheck energy report will be accepted by your building department, and we will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch with us today for your hassle-free energy report

Whether you’re in design development, construction, or commissioning phase, Archenergy will help you meet energy code requirements and achieve high performance with ease.


Residential Buildings

Includes single-family, duplex, and townhouse, plus 1, 2, or 3-story multifamily buildings.

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Compliance with the Energy Code is required throughout WA State for all new construction, additions, and retrofit projects. When submitting your project for a building, electrical or mechanical permit, information required includes the Code provisions that apply to the project and the design measures taken to comply with these provisions.

Archenergy has been involved in code development, evaluation, implementation, code forms review for commercial buildings as well.

Commercial Buildings

Includes non-residential buildings.

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