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Save on your
Passive House Modeling
& Feasibility Study

Our Passive House modeling skills, toolset, and design process enable us to add value to all PH industry stakeholders. We primarily help CPHC professionals with their passive house projects by saving their time and money on energy models and feasibility studies letting them focus on their main goal. 


Archenergy has certified passive house consultants and energy modeling specialists on staff who can provide a customized level of energy modeling as part of a full Phius +2018 building certification.

We conceive your requirements thoroughly and provide passive design modeling using innovative software tools like WUFI Pro, WUFI passive, SketchUp, Therm.

up to 40-50%

Savings on modeling and feasibility studies compared to alternatives


Not sure about your design  and how to get it out of the ground?

You can request a relatively affordable feasibility study to determine what it will take to bring the building up to the PHIUS+ 2018 standard to help you decide if passive house design is a worthwhile endeavor.

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Archenergy promotes our Passive House modeling expertise to all projects, whether or not a Passive House certification is an ultimate goal, assuring energy efficiency and minimizing operating costs for years to come.

By combining Bim, WUFI Pro, WUFI Passive, and THERM software, we can assist your team in removing thermal bridging, achieving excellent airtightness and continuous energy recovered ventilation strategies, managing moisture profiles to remove risks of mold conditions and assembly decay, and giving advice on proper solar orientation, shading, and internal gains in order to balance and reduce the need for heating and cooling equipment and operational requirements.

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ArchEnergy provides Phius Certified Window Database library in the XML format to all WUFI Passive Energy Modelers. Let us know what fenestration product XML you need in the database, and we will create it for you in 24h. Simply request it and get it.
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