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Our solution and services help Architects, Developers, MEP Engineers, and Sustainability Consultants.. Architects and engineers can pick the best position of the building in relation to the sun to save energy on cooling. They can evaluate whether or not using a highly reflecting window is a waste of money when a moderately reflective window would suffice. The owner can comprehend the difference between installing a 20,000 watt or a 50,000 watt solar energy system, calculate how long it will take to pay for it, and decide which system is ideal. Energy models assist owners and designers in determining the appropriate color for the roof–if spray-foam or fiberglass insulation is preferable–and whether additional insulation might reduce the cooling capacity required for air conditioning, resulting in reduced equipment costs.
This can only be accomplished if energy models are employed early in the design process. They are not used as intended if they are just used to report on projected energy usage.

Reduce your construction costs & carbon emissions

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